Correct Application/Techniques for cut-off

Pressure may only be placed on the cut-off wheel from a radial direction. This is the only way to avoid wobbling, buckling and disc breakage, especially when applying a high level of cutting pressure. The workpiece that is to be cut-off should be properly affixed to the workbench to ensure that the disc does not slide off to the side. In addition, we recommend that the material is affixed as close to the cutting site as possible to ensure that it does not vibrate, flutter or slip to the side.

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Correct Application/Techniques for Grinding

Grinding discs work at the 35-degree angle to the workpiece. This angle provides the best stock removal to disc wear ratio. If possible, always select this angle. When grinding and the angle is below 15º a very thin edge which levels off is formed around the circumference of the disc. Even minimal changes to the angle can result in a situation in which the grinding pressure can no longer be absorbed resulting in the grinding disc slipping to the side. Valuable grit is not used and an imbalance is created that results in having to replace the disc prematurely.