Project Description


EXITFLEX grinding discs are renowned for maximum stock removal in a short the span of time. EXITFLEX grinding wheels are used in all major surface grinding applications, as well as for the edge bevelling and burr removal. EXITFLEX offers professional advice in selecting the right grinding disc for your applications and also trials at your site. Our technical advisors would be very happy to offer any technical or help when you have a specific problem.


This thumb rule applies to grinding discs: the harder the material, the softer the bond of the grinding disc. In addition, the application plays a very decisive role. A hard bond is more suitable while grinding corners and burrs as they have sharp edges and remove them grit out of the bond. While working on surfaces a soft wheel would be suitable.

We have the following sizes listed below in Aloxite, WA,
Silicon carbide and Zirconia Abrasives.

1100mm x 4mm x 16mm
2100mm x 5mm x 16mm
3100mm x 6mm x 16mm
4115mm x 6mm x 16mm
5125mm x 6mm x 22.23mm
6125mm x 7mm x22.23mm
7180mm x 5mm x22.23mm
8180mm x 6mm x22.23mm
9180mm x 6.5mm x22.23mm
10180mm x 7mm x 22.23mm
11230mm x 7mm x 22.23mm