Safety & Storage

The shelf life of cut-off wheels and grinding discs is primarily determined by their moisture content. Cut-off wheels and grinding discs that are subjected to increased humidity after they are manufactured lose their original service life. Correct storage ensures a consistent long service life. Cut-off wheels and grinding discs that are subjected to water or steam are a safety risk. The user is obligated to use the product correctly. Cut-off
wheels and grinding wheels should not be used after the expiry date.

Working Safety

By being careful and recognising risks Please avoid the risks listed below when working with cut-off wheels and grinding discs.

  • Contact with rotating abrasive discs

  • Abrasive disc breakage

  • Grinding dust and debris

  • Vibration

  • Noise

Through with personal protective gear. Goggles, gloves, ear muffs and dust masks must be worn. When working on hard grinding applications additional protective gear is required, such as face protection, leather aprons and safety boots.
With protective machine guards. Machine guards are supplied with the grinding machine and may not be changed or removed. When using cup grinding wheels the outer surface must be completely enclosed.
In addition, cup grinding wheels may only be used in combination with an adjustable wheel guard, to balance the wear on the disc and to keep the exposure of the disc at a minimum.

… through visual inspection and performance of checks prior to mounting.
Ensure the disc RPM matches the machine RPM setting and avoid exceeding the maximum admissible operating speed. Carefully check the cutting-off wheel and grinding disc for damage. If the cut-off wheel or grinding disc is damaged, do not use the damaged product. Our cut-off wheels and grinding discs are marked with the corresponding safety pictograms.

…..through correct use
Ensure that the respective disc is being used correctly. Avoid damage to the mounting bore or to the disc through jerks, excessive force, or falls.
Ensure that the disc is correctly and securely mounted and use them correct mounting flange.
Prior to starting work, the abrasive disc should run at operating speed for at least 30 seconds.
Please observe the FEPA safety regulations and the European Standard ENI2413. 
The peripheral speed and grinding pressure are important parameters for achieving optimal cut-off and grinding wheel results.